Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hyacinths, no Hippeastrum

We so enjoyed the Fisher Peanut butter. Now it's time to enjoy food for the soul as Mama used to call it.

They said that the single pots of blooming Hyacinths, mostly pink and white that bloomed earliest,  that I sent for the birthday celebrants at the nursing home in January were a hit.

These pics were quickly snapped when I went to get the cat out of the greenhouse so I could close the doors tightly against thunderstorms that are crossing the Chattahoochee as I type.

Hyacinths in the outdoors are blooming before stems are out of the ground, indicating a lack of winter cold.

I had an email from Sally's Mom who said she followed my instructions for pre-chilling and planting hyacinths in pots of soil with good results.

I failed to follow my own instructions closely enough for Hippeastrum. No Amaryllis are blooming in the greenhouse, just a plethora of green foliage. I'm not sure where I went wrong but maybe buds will appear sometime this month or the next. If not, they're all going into the ground outside to start over for bloom cycles next spring.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

It May as Well Be Spring

We've had freezing nights, this will be the third in a row. Last night's low was 25º. Clouds may begin to roll in again tomorrow bringing warmer temps.

This brave Daffodil is open for a whole week.
The pink thing  behind it out of focus, is an equally
courageous Hyacinth.

Camellias have a tenuous hold, this one fell to the ground.

Fierce winds knocked off many 'lichen sticks.'
Stick patrol when it's warmer is on my chore list.

Frost damage is evident. Tight buds will replace the frost-bitten blossoms.

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