Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Timely Planning: Amaryllis

I noticed Hippeastrum foliage starting to turn yellow.

I loaded up all but 5 pots of seedlings that have never bloomed that I am not going to dry off.

The ones on the cart went into the Mule Barn to rest. The tops will yellow and dry off and bulbs will rest until late October. They'll get a drink and some will get a new pot or at least some new soil in the pot bottoms and rest more until a scape appears.




I think this is Spartacus

Maybe I'll dream over the catalogs when the weather turns chilly or maybe pick up a couple of Big Box Store bulbs. Bulbs tend to jump into my shopping cart despite my plans not to buy more.

I've not seen signs of Lycoris, Sternbergia or Rhodofiala sending up bloom stalks yet. Maybe the predicted tropical storm rains will bring them out.

There was a hummingbird in the greenhouse this morning. He kept trying to find a way out the top despite my best efforts to wave him toward the wide open doors. Finally I left him to his own devices after I put a red bandana next to the door to attract his attention. When we checked later, he was gone.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August Foliage Follow Up

We are waiting for late summer blooms as Tithonia and Duranta start to put on blooms for summer butterflies in the background of this next picture.

Cannas that bloomed through July and into August are now resting but the chartreuse foliage is attractive  when leaves are backlit by the sun.

Cycads are among my favorite garden structures with their stiff fronds. 

 Variegated Hydrangea Mariesii had a hard time this year with my self-imposed watering ban. Fortunately we had enough rain to bring them through the dry times.

The purples of summer: Persian Shield above and Purple Heart below.

If you look closely, you can see a String Lily Crinum bud.
I had forgotten moving that Crinum last year.
I am very fond of Purple Heart. It returns from winter death.
It roots easily. In the ground it spreads; in a pot it grows downward.

Another plant that returned from Winter Death.
I am waiting for this cane begonia to decide whether to bloom.

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