Saturday, October 22, 2016

Autumnal Busy Work

It isn't working well to shove all the outdoor plants into the greenhouse with tomato plants growing over all the rest. I decided after nine years that having a potting bench in the greenhouse is not the very best use of space.

My thoughts before the move:

It's a beautiful cedar potting bench and it's been all over this greenhouse. This was not its final spot; here the back was to the door, making a little alcove in which to fill pots. I finally turned it around and had to stand on it to reach the plants on the tall shelf behind.

At 2 feet deep and 4 feet wide, it takes up a lot of real estate in a small greenhouse. I weighed the pros and cons and decided sweeping up potting soil in the mule barn is a small price to pay for more floor space in the greenhouse. White pots shown above are going with it to the Mule Barn empty for now.

Where it's going is at right angles to the window, just past the window. That will leave a space behind to access the back wall shelves placed since this pic was taken. Photos above are from the Greenhouse and Mule Barn's earlier days

After the Move:

Same perspective as the pic above, except a little closer. I left room to walk all the way around the potting bench. It distresses me to have everything lined up around the room and a big space in the center. I like to be able to reach from every direction and have little corridors between furnishings.

I remembered after the move that the Mule Barn has no water source except next door in the Greenhouse. Potting doesn't take much water and plants will usually go directly to the greenhouse.
The Mule Barn does have plenty of electrical outlets.

Back to the greenhouse with a couple of panorama pics showing the space the Potting Bench took.

The step stool and cart are for everyday plant care. Moved to the front, they'll leave room for a little table and a couple of chairs. Boards on the cart are for improvising tables and shelves for the few plants yet to find room indoors, a couple of ferns and some potted Agapanthus.

I was so pleased with the Agapanthus I potted last fall, so added another couple of pots.

Friday, October 14, 2016

October Bloom Day 2016, Drought

It's dry here. I've given up watering.

Angel Trumpets look best at night or early in the morning.

 Gulf Muhly Grass is not quite in full bloom.

Madagascar periwinkles persist, with Lantana.

Lantana and Setcreasea have grown into one another.



Grandma's Yellow Rose

Mexican Bush Sage Salvia leucantha


Esperanza Tecoma stans

Rabbit tobacco and White Lantana in front of the Mule Barn

Happy Bloom Day mid-autumn. Join other Bloom Day blogs at May Dreams Gardens to see what is blooming in other locations around the world.

You can peek into my little greenhouse where the outdoor pots have migrated: Dotty Plants. Visit any time this winter to see if I'm successful in coaxing bulbs into bloom again this year.

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