Thursday, June 22, 2017

National Pollinators Week June 19-25

It's National Pollinators Week. I signed up for Million Pollinator Garden Challenge. At least I think I did. I didn't get a message that my info reached them.

This is the photo I used in my application to join National Pollinators.

We're in the midst of farmland where many chemicals are used. We use no chemicals except for fireant eradication and it's spot application to only the fireant mounds.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

June Daylilies

Sometimes I move them around and forget who is where. This is Pineapple Crush, or Elysian Fields or something else. It's a pretty yellow.

Another pretty yellow: 
Brocaded Gown, for sure.

 This is a seedling, only a generation away from those common orange daylilies that we always had. I gave it the Garden Name of Brown Saddle Oxfords.

 This is a good edger for Knockout Roses, almost the 
same color. Its name is  Little Business

These last 2 are seedlings, seeds from a Faceville garden. 
Garden name of these: Meet My Sister

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