Saturday, October 27, 2018


When I came home from Metro Atlanta the day after Thanksgiving, I noticed that 'Little Gem' magnolia had a single blossom near the top. Today I found this poem:
So much hath happened! and so much
The tomb hath claimed of what was mine!
Thy fragrance moves me with a touch
As from a hand divine!

So many dead! so many wed!
Since first, by this Magnolia's tree,
I pressed a gentle hand, and said
A Word no more for me!

Lady, who sendest from the South
This frail, pale token of the past,
Oh, love, we live, but many fell!
The world's a wreck, but we survive! ---
Say, rather, still on earth we dwell,
But gray at thirty-five!

Parsons, Thomas Williams. On a Magnolia Flower. The Magnolia. Cambridge, Massachusetts. Privately printed. 1866. Pages 1-2.

Small Trees Complete the Garden

Lagerstroemia indica  Crape Myrtle

Dogwood Cornus Florida




Pears and Peaches

'Little Gem' Magnolia

Magnolia stellata

Vitex agnus-castus CHASTETREE

Trees I aspire to

Nellie Stevens Holly Ilex x 'Nellie R. Stevens

Loquat Eriobotrya japonica

Parkinsomia aculeata JERUSALEM-THORN There used to be one in town behind McDonald's before the restaurant burned.

Nyssa sylvatica BLACK TUPELO* Blackgum

Chionanthus retusus CHINESE FRINGE TREE -- not a native tree, Chionanthus virginicus is the native. I want a Chinese fringe tree.

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