Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My third generation cloned tomato plant has a vine ripened tomato. I was on the way out to take a picture when I met He-Who-Mows bringing it in, afraid we'd miss it before it was overripe. Not a chance.

 There are more tomatoes.  Vines have reached the top of the greenhouse wall.

Mr. Bill Johnson's daughters came to visit last week and were amused that I learned well from Mr. Bill about rooting suckers. Tomato plants cost too dearly to just have one for a single season. Clones go on forever.

Kathy and Fay brought a huge bouquet of peonies, grown on plants from Mr. Bill's days in the fifties growing for the florist market. A flood of memories from my childhood came in the door with the fragrant blooms. I failed to make pictures of the peonies, now another memory.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Blackberry Winter on Bloom Day

We are having perhaps the last cool spell before warm weather sets in. Blackberries are blooming.

Yesterday it rained most of the day. Today is dreary with overcast skies.

Echinacea is coming into bloom along with Farinacea 'Victoria' and great wads of the thug Spiderwort. Roses are starting to bloom. Even He-Who-Mows noticed Julia Child's yellow blooms.

Knockout Rose Bushes, unpruned, have reached six feet.

Snowball Viburnum bloomed better than ever this year and is joined by native Baptisia alba.

Iris is blooming. This white and yellow one with orange falls came from Janie Varley in Texas.

 These blue 'swamp iris' have been here forever.

Mexican Hats and Rose Campion have scattering blooms just beginning in beds with Angel Trumpets which put out early foliage which has not bifurcated, so there are no buds to brag about just yet.

Happy Bloom Day.

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