Friday, July 6, 2007

Smells Like a Rose

Rose de Rescht

My first baby was like playing dolls for my friend Linda and me. Linda bathed and powdered him and cooed, "Smells just like a rose."

The rose above is another of my babies, a rooted cutting of 'Rose de Rescht' which truly does smell like a rose.

It is believed to be a rose bred in the mid-1800’s when many other Portland Damasks were created, rediscovered around 1945 in Persia and brought back to commerce under the name ‘Rose de Rescht’ for the area where it was found. The collector who brought it back told the Rosarian who propagated it, "Mine's better."
Well, Miss Nancy, mine's better, too.

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  1. Your RdR is looking good! Mine is ever-so-slowly gering up to produce another batch of buds.


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