Saturday, August 18, 2007

Away with Hostas

It's hard to garden in the hot and humid south when you're reading garden magazines with photos of hostas and peonies. Somebody should write a book on substitutes. Hostas are slow to emerge here. I read about planting daffodils with hostas so the foliage of the hostas will cover the dying narcissus foliage. Daffodils have withered away when I see hostas, which never really cover anything.

Daylilies are a better choice with daffodils, spaced in a way that one views daylilies with withering daffodils behind, not noticed. Gingers would be a good choice, if daffodils flourished in shade, of which there are few.

Gingers have the advantage over hostas in that gingers have a unique fragrance of their own, the foliage and roots. Among my favorites are Alpinas (pictured); Curcumas, which bloom well, and cardamon ginger which does not bloom in our shorter tropical growing season but has a most fragrant leaf suitable for using on food trays.

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