Saturday, August 4, 2007

Next Year Man

I'm a next year man. -- Johnny Mack Butler, noted rosarian in the next county, speaking of future plans for his flower borders.

Important considerations:
  • Write down your goals:
    Season long color? Butterfly and hummingbird nectar sources? Low Maintence does not mean NO maintenance and Low Water does not mean not getting them established first.
  • Species plants will usually persist where named cultivars fail, i.e., the newest echinacea fads vs. tried and true purples; 'Common Purple' tall phlox rather than the newest finds.
  • Search university hort sites for plants that have tested best in similar conditions (UA, Auburn, MissSU, UGA, TAMU.)
    Look for titles like "Gold Star" plants.
  • Work from a plan: can be simple lists or an elaborate sketch.
  • Plant early in the spring so plants get a good root system established before hot, hot weather.
  • Figure out how long to wait between waterings and how deeply to water-not-sprinkle.
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