Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Butterfly Buffets

I try to have snack areas all around for the butterflies. Why is it the best photo opportunities arise when you have a rake in hand instead of a camera? Gulf Frits were gathering on some dwarf marigolds planted in front of the candlestick senna. No photos.

Both red and rose pentas here -- the rose is bigger, sturdier but not more attractive than the red as far as swallowtail's choice. Zinnias are looking better since the weather is cooler; make a note to plant late zinnias, they won't struggle. Butterflies like to sit on a zinnia as it sways in the wind. Porterweed, while not very photogenic, is always a popular choice with butterflies which flock to the tiny blossoms on those long whips. Porterweeds from seed were slow to get going in the drought. Hopefully, young plants will survive the winter for a good start next spring.

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  1. Beautiful picture! I just found your blog this evening. I'll have to remember to plant some late zinnias. The sun has made life tough on mine in the past, but I really LOVE the flower.


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