Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No More Tulips?

There's a written resolution in my garden journals: NO more tulips! Every year I plant more. Usually half or less bloom, falling to voles, squirrels, and tulip fire/blight or just the vagaries of weather. I have had triumphs; each little oval blossom a fleeting treasure, carefully chilled for nine weeks and planted on a cold winter day with agricultural cornmeal sprinkled over all as a hopeful blanket of fungus protection.
March 2007
I have a plan. Last year I planted Iceland poppies as a trial. They grew, they bloomed with the tulips. The tulips lasted less than a week. Poppies go on and on until the weather warms. I purchased poppy seeds and snapdragon seeds and viola seeds. Iceland poppies are somewhat tulip shaped, perhaps they'll fool the folks passing by who watch to see what sleight of hand I've tried this time.

Tulips are not suitable this far south. A full-color bulb catalog will cause me to lose that resolve every time, as will the sight of tulip bulbs in a little net bag, brown tunics all papery and clean.

Today more slick, beautiful bulb catalogs arrived in the mail. The second round. They know I can be worn down. Maybe just a handful of purples and a hundred 'Petrel' daffodils to stand sentry ringed around each tulip to ward off voles and bloom after the tulips fade....

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  1. This post brought a smile to my face ... I see you are still in love with tulips.


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