Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The counties in which I spent the weekend had medians on the 4 lane roads filled with cosmos: pink, wine and a few white. They were stunning despite a prolonged drought.

In the mail today was a Thompson&Morgan seed catalog WITH a $10.00 off offer! I had one cosmos plant, pink, from the seeds I planted last spring. I will try again, the seeds were cheap and perhaps old.

It's almost time to plant poppy and larkspur seeds. We need rain before the seeds go out.


  1. Oh, if you need any more seeds drop me a line! I have an over abundance of these beauties. I have Gloria and Sonata White mostly. But I might have some Picotee if the seeds have time to mature.

  2. How I envy your lengthy gardening season. I hope you have a ton of cosmos to share with us next spring.



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