Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dig, dig, dig. Pull, pull, pull, Bermuda Grass Shall not Win!

In addition to my mantra, I'm going to attack the newer rose bed in front of the tractor shed with fluazifop.

Need to make a little note here on plants not affected by bermudagrass killer:
The product literature lists scores of plants that Ornamec will not hurt. These plants include aloe vera, alyssum, bush lantana, chives, crepe myrtle, daylilly, esperanza, hollyhock, hybrid tea roses, iris, ixora, japanese yew, jojoba, liriope, live oak, marigold, Mediterranean fan palm, morrow honeysuckle, olive tree, passion vine, pygmy date palm, red fountain grass, rose, rosemary, sago palm, sedum, Sweet William, sword fern, Texas privet, Texas sage, wax myrtle, weeping willow, and yucca.

This means I could put rosemary and sweet william and daylilies out there and circle with liriope or alyssum. Good.

Not recommended to use over-the-top on periwinkles, spider plants, purple heart, shrimp plants, and azaleas. Does not mention alternanthera; don't think I'll sacrifice a Joseph's Coat just to see.

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