Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Herb Garden Plans

The plan for the 2008 herb garden pretty much presented itself. Successful herbs in 2007 were cilantro, parsley, thyme, oregano, sage and chives.

Rosemary edges the SW and NE corners. Instead of repeating the opposite corners edged with calendula, the entire quad corners will be covered with calendula. I saw calendulas planted en masse near the state capitol building in Tallahassee, FL and liked the effect. Volunteer spiderwort looks good in the photos, so spiderwort can edge the corners opposite the rosemary edges, which rooted and thrived.

The little center circle will keep sage, thyme and oregano. Pinks thrived until late summer and began to die out. We'll see how they fare in winter. If chives don't thrive in cooler weater, they will likely not be repeated. There will be bunch onions and society garlic elsewhere.

Cilantro will likely reseed. Cilantro and parsley are so prolific and blousy as to be better as fillers in the long beds where butterflies can get at the parsley and cilantro can fade away when the weather warms.

What remains to decide is what annuals will follow the calendula, which fade in late May. I planted coleus in 2007, which failed to thrive in the drought. Salvia farinacea or plumbago might look cool in the heat, behind the lantanas: yellow to the west, lavender to the south. Hydrangeas bloom to the east and the north side is open.

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  1. I have herb envy, would love to have an outdoor garden. The "cat that climbs" used my little window herb garden for her own personal snack bar ... the rosemary stands alone :)


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