Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Meadows and Grass Gardens

Cur and I rode through the far pasture, which can pass as meadow land with the number of grasses and wildflowers that populate it. The drought decreased the number of wildflowers blooming this year. I saw one little agalinis at woods' edge, and some elephantapus. We did find some clumps of purple asters and gathered a few seeds.
There was a little yellow wildflower that I couldn't identify, but remembered that it's by a huge dead tree, for future inspection. there are always the ubiquitous solidagos (goldenrod) and rabbit tobacco.

The grasses are spectacular. Even with Peter Loewer's 'Grasses of the Southeast' I can't identify all of them. We must go back with a camera and begin to give them names. There's a rush or restio growing under a small pecan tree in the cattle pen. I tried to move a piece of it last year, with no success. It has seeds now, so I'll try those and maybe another culm or two from the clump.

I never expected to start a grass garden, but the past year's drought has given me pause. There's room for a meadow. I tried sunflowers at the edge this year; deer square danced on the plants. One thing about my more industrious projects: if they don't work out, the mower takes care of them as long as they're flat.

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