Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Much Mulch

Lane suggested that I haul in some peanut hay to use as mulch. If we can move enough other equipment to get the shredder out, I'm going to shred it, as the stems are quite brittle and almost as large as my little finger, some of them. The leaves are mostly dry already.

Cur and I have picked up three RTV loads. The dump bed sure is handy on that little truck. I use a pitchfork to pick up the hay and load it; unloading is simple.

Before we picked up the last load, we rode up to the far pasture, looking at grasses. What we saw is for another post. The neat thing we saw -- Cur saw him first -- was a red fox. Cur leapt off the RTV and gave chase. Fortunately the fox was far ahead and reached the fence and was gone. Lane and Cur have seen little foxes, this is the first big one we've seen except for one dead on the highway.


  1. Years ago I was riding my bike through Forest Hill Park in Cleveland Heights. As I was crossing the bridge a red fox was sitting at the other end ... we both stopped and watched each other for a moment in time and then he quickly disappeared into the undergrowth ... it was wonderful to see this creature in the middle of a large city. Since then we have frequent sightings of deer ... as the McMansions go up and take away their habitat, they have taken to migrating into the city parks.

  2. I bet it's fun to see fox in your area. They don't live this far north, too cold I suppose.



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