Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Plans for 2008

Daylily 'Olive Bailey Langdon' was blooming with larkspur, rose campion and echinacea mid-May in this photo. It has put on new scapes and is blooming with red pentas and various zinnias in October. Black eyed susans are coming up all around it and will winter over to bloom early spring. I had thought to buy more 'Dazzle' lilies, a glorious yellow; VE has already sold out. Lilies have to be planted in really cold weather here or they sprout prematurely, to have the buds killed. Looking back at different months gives a better idea of how to plan, even though the plans don't always work out.

Reviewed the seeds today, hopeful of dazzling displays from earliest spring. Definitely plan against tulips after I looked again at Iceland poppies and tulips blooming in the same bed. Poppies go on and on, tulips are a four-day show.

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