Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dear Gertrude: Rose Arbors

Then there is no end to the beautiful ways of making Rose arbours and tunnels, or Rose houses for the children. Dead trees or any rough branching wood can easily be put up and spiked together to make the necessary framework, and the Roses will take to it gladly. An old dead Apple tree, if it happens to stand where an arbour is wanted, need not even be moved; another bit of trunk can be put up eight feet away, and the branches of the standing one sawn off, all but those that go the right way. These branches can be worked in to form the top, keeping a stout, slightly curved piece for the front top beam. The Roses seem to delight in such a rough-built arbour, for they rush up and clothe it with most cheerful willingness. -- Gertrude Jekyll, Roses for English Gardens
Click Here for the Stick House story
Dear Gertrude,
Drought set my roses back, but the stick house awaits more roses. Sweet Peas are sprouting.


  1. Those arbors are fantastic ! There were sweet peas growing wild down at the farmers market, I got a bunch of seed to send to Lizzie, next year I will harvest some more seed if you want ?

  2. I wish you would do a side thingie about the building of the stick house and all the trellis work you did.

    For my part, I think the stick house is THE most ELEGANT, most BEAUTIFUL arbor I have ever seen.

  3. Thank you both. I'll insert the side thingie on the stick house. I'll have to blog the trellis work, which is still on going.

  4. Once I linked to the Stick House, there's yet another link to Photobucket with a slide show of the rough trellis work, too. I forget what I have, sometimes. It's like visiting a new territory, LOL.


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