Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bulbs in a New Island Bed

Back in the summer when the Black Eyed Susans were spent, I put down cardboard in the lawn in a dumbbell shape about four feet from the driveway, covered it with grass clippings and pine straw and those huge BES plants I'd pulled up, leaving the seed pods attached.

Yesterday, I rolled the cardboard and mulch forward, dug shallow holes for 80 daffodil bulbs just up to their necks, replaced the soil and covered the daffodil bed with 2 inches of decomposed oak mulch and an inch of composted gin trash and then pulled the original mulch over the bed and dispatched what was left of the cardboard to a compost heap. (The purpose of the cardboard was to kill the bahia grass.) Along the north edge, I planted some pansy seeds mixed with alyssum seeds. The pansy seeds are two years old; the alyssum seeds are 2007 seeds. I sprinkled some white nicotiana seed over the mulch in hopes they'll grow with the Black Eyed Susans which are almost fool proof.

This bed is perpendicular to the long rock bed, one of my favs. You can see the story of the Long Bed here:
Rock Bed Story


  1. WHOEVER is in charge demands that I sign in to see your long bed story, and when I sign in, it says it doesn't look like I was invited to see it.

    WHOEVER just makes me SOOOO mad sometimes!

  2. It is fixed, now. Anybody can view it. When this was a blog site that I used for experimenting with color and features, it was not a public blog. I forgot, sorry.

  3. Are your daffodils coming up yet?

    How many weeds do you get in a bed that you prepare in the manner you have described? I have a bed that needs work, and I am thinking about doing it this eay.

  4. New daffodils have to put out some roots and get a little cool weather before they emerge. I hope that will be late February. Last year's narcissus have come up in the ruins bed, others are still sleeping.

    Smothering gives poor results in beds with bermuda grass. Bahia where I put the bulbs dies pretty well and is easily dug out.

    Cultivating brings up buried weed seeds -- I think weed seeds are viable for 50 years. Fewer sprout in the smothered beds.

    Dig, dig, dig; pull, pull, pull works for me, then shade out with thick plantings and mulch.


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