Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dear Gertrude: Sternbergias

October 25
In the bulb-beds the bright yellow Sternbergia lutea is in flower. At first sight it looks something like a Crocus of unusually firma nd solid substance; but it is an Amaryllis, and its pure and even yellow colouring is quite unlike that of any of the Crocuses. The numerous upright leaves are thick, deep green, and glossy. It flowers rather shyly in our poor soil, even in well-made beds, doing much better in chalky ground. - Gertrude Jekyll

Dear Gertrude,
My sternbergia failed to bloom this year. Foliage has appeared. I shall give them a bit of lime and wood ashes, as they are under pine trees.

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  1. My yellow lycoris failed to bloom as well, but they do have beautiful foliage. Maybe next year.......


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