Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fall Color, Winter Fragrance

On my recent trip to north Georgia, I admired scenic views of tall, colorful trees. Our leaves mostly turn brown and fall. We get reds from sumac, sassafras, dogwood and Virginia creeper, oranges from crape myrtle and yellows from vines of muscadine and Carolina jessamine, brief spots of color. Oakleaf hydrangea leaves are burgundy now. The show of color is not as exciting here as is winter fragrance.

Last night I read about a southern garden with 'fragrant camellias.' The only fragrant camellia growing here is a white C. sasanqua, which blooms from now to Christmas.
When the weather is damp, there is a light tea fragrance.

The huge C. japonicas that bloom after Christmas are fragrance free.There's an impulse to sniff anyway, just to make sure.

Tea olive (osmanthus) is in bloom. Fragrance from the tiny blossoms wafts on the wind, delightful aroma of lemon.

I look forward to narcissus after Christmas.


  1. We had some gorgeous Fall color here, which surprised me seeing as it stayed hot so long :)

    Lovely flowers !

  2. I am grieving because I can't grow camellias. There are a few here, most of them are truely ugly, but one is fabulous. It is at a cemetery. It is the red one, probably non-fragrant.


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