Thursday, November 8, 2007


First frost this morning left many leaves limp and drooping. Pepper plants have leaves hanging limply, but the black pearls shine in the sunlight. The Gulf frits that were busy yesterday in yesterday's photographs were slow to emerge this morning. A few little skippers darted about, but most of the others were nowhere to be seen.
Fiery Skipper
Dogface Sulphur
Checkerspot on Periwinkles
Lavender lantana seems to enjoy cooler weather more than the yellow, which has stopped blooming. The lavender, a handful of tiny cuttings last year, crawled over over the rocks this year despite the drought. The yellow attracted spider mites. Snapdragons that survived the summer are putting on new buds. After they bloom they need drastic cutting back to prepare for a winter's rest so they can show off in spring.

Esperanza looks scalded. It's really cold tender. Castor beans are still bravely hanging on. Daturas are wilty but hanging on until a longer, harder freeze. What really looks brave is lycoris, which boasts green foliage all winter. I haven't planted winter rye grass yet, but it isn't too late.

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