Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pentas Cuttings, and Porterweeds

I took cuttings today. Red, rose and pink pentas. I tried a couple of cuttings with a bit of 'heel' taken. I think instead of cuttings of porterweed, I'll try seedlings again. They were slow to emerge in the spring, I'll start earlier. The seedlings that I did manage to grow were late getting size on them and never had a blossom spike, but they're healthy plants. I hope they return.

In her new book, Helen Dillon mentions an old superstition: 'Where the rosemary thrives the woman is strong.' I stuck new cuttings of rosemary directly where they're to grow. It worked very well last year. I started on renovation of the herb garden and looked again at last spring's photos. I'm going to leave the self sown spiderworts, they look good with the calendulas I'm planning to plant en masse. There's new parsley. Oregano is crawling all over, it's in the bath's pinks. I lopped back lantana, which will die back soon anyway. Last spring calendulas were a little hedge/edging; next spring they'll cover the quad corners and mingle with the spiderwort.

I had already gather sufficient seed of lemon basil for spring planting. I gathered the rest because it smelled so good. The thyme looks thin, but it's thriving. Sage is down to two plants. Lots of self sown echinacea and gaillardia; the latter will bloom all winter.

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