Sunday, November 11, 2007

Roadside Gardening

Here is a list of wildflowers Georgia DOT workers have planted on roadsides over the years:
black-eyed Susan
bur marigold/tickseed
clasping coneflower
corn poppy
Drummond phlox
Golden Wave coreopsis
Indian blanket/firewheel
lanceleaf coreopsis
lemon mint
Mexican hat
narrow-leaved sunflower
perennial gaillardia
Plains coreopsis
prairie coneflower
showy primrose
threadleaf coreopsis

Showy primrose is not something that I'm going to plant, but it's stunning in the median of a four-lane road.

My personal favs from this list are Gaillardia, Coneflower (Echinacea), Black eyed Susans and corn poppies. I have seeds of Mexican hats and cornflowers saved from last spring, too.

I'll be planting silene and Madagascar periwinkles, verbena bonairensis and some others that are seldom on a 'wildflower list.'
I'll add snapdragons, larkspur, nicotiana, globe amaranth, saliva coccinea, breadseed poppies, Iceland poppies and California poppies -- not all on the roadside and not all in the same bed. Some are seeded now, some in the spring. Periwinkles are reliable self-reseeders as are several others.

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  1. Your favorites are the same as mine. I would love to come and plop myself in the middle of your flowerbeds. I bet I would be dizzy in no time from all those colors!


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