Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Treasures from the Library

I've been to a library book sale. Other Book Sales I've attended were held on a certain date, and books sometimes cost as much as $2.00 each.

This book sale is ongoing. As books are removed from circulation and donated books are deemed unsuitable for the collection of this particular library, they are shelved in a corner of a workroom. If you want to see what is there, you must sign in with your name, the date and where you are headed: BOOK SALE. Then you are allowed to pass through the door with the ominous sign, No Patrons Beyond this Door.

They're pretty much shelved by fiction, nonfiction, Large Print and media items. Some of the fiction looks brand new. A John Grisham book that I bought there in paperback two weeks ago has been replaced by a hardback with dust jacket intact.

Among the treasures I found today was 'The Fragrant Year' by Wilson & Bell, 1967. So it's 40 years old! Flowers smell essentially the same today as then, except that the fragrance has been hybridized out of a few. The oldies that I grow still smell good, except for my Philadelphus inodoratus, which has no fragrance.

Another treasure is 'A Gift of Joy' by Helen Hayes, 1965. Maybe I'm the only patron who remembers Helen Hayes. In the photos in the center of the book are included a photo of Helen 'among the perennials' and 'under my white magnolia tree.'

I also bought two other paper backs, not novels -- trade paperbacks, another hardback, and 14 audio books. They're phasing out audio tapes for CD/DVDs. My total was $1.45.


  1. WOW! You got a bargain!

    Our library has a table where they put duplicates, and books that are in disrepair. I haven't seen anything really good there yet, though.

    I did find John Grisham in volumn at a garage sale the other day. Hardbacks, with dust covers. 'The Bleachers', 'A Painted House', 'The Firm', and 'The Partner'.

    I am on a John Grisham kick.

  2. Since DH works at the local library, I am fortunate in finding good deals on vintage cookbooks, love the ones that have handwritten notes in them.

  3. My lengthy post disappeared into thin air. Maybe a sign that I talk too much.

    Our tiny one room library depends entirely on donations. It has not a single gardening book on it's shelves. Someday, I hope to donate a number of books or the funds for them to buy specific books. Too bad larger libraries don't donate their cast offs to smaller libraries around the country.

  4. Our library is fortunate to be the beneficiary of a trust. It has many nice garden books that came from money donated in memory of people in town as well.

    The trouble with many castoffs is, if the donating library didn't want them, probably neither does anybody else except people like me who like old books and don't mind if they're in poor repair.

    The almost new donated novels are an exception; maybe you have a viable idea, Rose. Larger libraries could 'adopt' smaller libraries.


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