Sunday, December 16, 2007

After the Storm

From what I can determine, several tornadoes touched down across this general area last night. We had wind and rain, but I can see no damage this morning. The lights went out as we were finishing supper. We were without electricity from about 7:30pm until after 10:30 this morning.

Tonight's low is supposed to be 28 degrees, repeated tomorrow night and then on Wednesday night either, 23 or 35, according to whose forecast you choose to believe. We wrapped all exposed outside faucets and I suppose we're ready.


  1. Glad you are back online, both electrically and electronically.

    (I must be tired. Heheehe.)

    I am glad you posted, because I heard about bad weather in your area on the news this morning, and heard about tornados too. Glad you are safe.

  2. Wind gusts are bad around Marietta today, they blow without warning. Right now, nothing is stirring. I'm hoping that the winds will blow away all of those dead brown leaves that refuse to drop from the tree limbs.

  3. We had strong winds and blizzard like conditions all day yesterday, but ended up with just 4 inches of snow.


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