Saturday, December 1, 2007

... and now the Seeds are Scattered

Ten dozen daffodils take up very little space. I just made little aprons on the ends of some large beds. Over the bed near some gardenia bushes, I scattered seeds of pink corn poppies, auricula eyed Sweet Williams (the pink kind with the variegated lines going around) and Echinacea. On the bed near the orange roses are blue larkspur and White Sweet William.

On the ends of the beds with the largest rocks are California poppies and I forget what else. Oh, double orange poppies are there someplace. The seed of the orange poppies I saved were kind of pale and tan, not black like breadseed. I hope they are viable, there weren't very many.
Clockwise from front: Pink Corn Poppy, Sweet William pink, and white; snapdragons, California poppies, Bath's pinks. May, 2007
California poppies are already coming up from last year's little explosions of all those seed pods I didn't catch. I think I see more tiny Sweet William seedlings, but at this stage it's hard to be sure they're not chickweed. Periwinkles are coming up along the pasture fence where I piled spent plants last fall. If blowing leaves drift over them, they might survive a mild winter.
Which are more fun, the planned beds or the surprises?

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  1. You got all those seeds scattered? I can't keep up with you.

    I still have a million seeds to plant. I don't think I will ever get done.


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