Monday, December 24, 2007

A River of Blue

Photo from 3-30-2006
I've always hankered for a river of muscari like in the photographs of the displays at Kuekenhoff in the Netherlands. My plantings have always run more to a trickle and my muscari have never reseeded, increased and been the glorious display I hoped for.

I do notice that the trickle along the inside of the rock wall bed does have good foliage this year, behind the orange roses.


  1. My muscari makes a little stream, but only of foliage. It never has bloomed, in the 3 years it has been in the ground. It does multiply, so I am hopeful that one day it will flower.

  2. At the last house I bought,a previous owner had planted Muscari in a tiny bed between the sidewalk and the house. I lived there 10 years. The plants were getting thicker and bloomed for a fairly long time. Always after the daffodils though, which were planted in the same bed. I think they would have to be planted nearly side by side to create a river look. Mine looked more like fringe along the sidewalk.


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