Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dear Gertrude

My garden is my workshop, my private study and place of rest. For the sake of health and reasonable enjoyment of life it is necessary to keep it quite private, and to refuse the many applications of those who offer it visits. My oldest friends can now only be admitted. So I ask my readers to spare me the painful task of writing long letters of excuse and explanation; a task that has come upon me almost daily of late years in the summer months, that has sorely tried my weak and painful eyes, and has added much to the difficulty of getting through an already over-large correspondence. [this note was written by Gertrude Jekyll who lived from 29th November 29, 1843 to 8th Decembe, 1932.]

Dear Gertrude:
How wonderful that we now live in a day when the garden can be described and photographs shown in a blog! Visitors can come at their leisure, be shown only the best parts and leave quietly. It's hard to share cuttings and seeds this way, as true gardeners are prone to wish, but there's a way.


  1. What kind of person do you expect Gertrude was? Do you think she just got so peeved about people always wanting to see her yard that she put in a huge boxwood hedge so people couldn't see in?

    Or, more likely, her own garden was a mess, since she was always busy fixin' up someone elses yard. She was just too embarrassed for anybody to see it.

    That is the way I feel about my yard right now. It is a mess.

    I don't want anybody lookin' at it right now.

  2. It sounded to me that once Dear Gertrude 'arrived' and was much in demand, her health was such that she couldn't be bothered.

    I don't think I'll ever have that problem, LOL.


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