Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fairy House Doors


  1. I left a comment here last night- I wonder what is going on?

    I wish I had some doors like this in my trees. We have no oak trees tho, maybe that is why we have no doors.

    The fairies are pleased here, as I finished weeding their garden. The daffodils are coming up there now, some as tall as 6" already.

  2. Actually they're not in trees, they were doors in the fairy houses I constructed, sort of, last year. Wind and squirrels took care of them in short order, but the pieces are still displayed in the fairy garden because of the moss, fungi and fern. We're waiting for daffodils to appear.

    There are some 'real' fairy doors in ancient trees elsewhere on the property. Maybe next week Cur and I will make photos of some of those. We have to go collect more spanish moss to wrap Fairy Vivienne so she doesn't look ceramic chilled when the cold wind blows.

  3. just expect to see a fairy pop out at any minute. Magical !


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