Friday, December 28, 2007

Fairy Mailbox and Fairy Piano

Each requires a different process of imagination to appreciate.


  1. I love the Fairy piano. A GW friend has a large pine tree in her yard. The boughs touch the ground on the sides that show but she has cut the boughs in the back, enough so she can get under the tree. The entire area under the boughs is a very nicely done Fairy village. It's so sweet to look upon.

  2. The piano is cute, Jean..:)

    Cruising by, hoping that your Christmas was good and to wish you a Happy New Year.

    I'll be sure to get your blog linked on my blogroll in a day or so, I'll put it under Dot's.

    I hope that the storms weren't too bad in your area, around Marietta all it did was rain, and we're welcoming every drop!


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