Monday, December 3, 2007

Falling Leaves

I wonder how many times he raked this area as a young boy, using a hand sweeper? (We used to say "Yard Broom.") Back then the driveways were dirt, the yard was bare and the leaves were piled and burned. We're shredding them for mulch.

I quickly swept pine straw from the far end of the driveway and mulched bed edges before the motorized sweep.


  1. The memory of raking leaves and burning them in the Fall ... thanks :)

  2. The smell of burning leaves (I always found any smoke unpleasant) has been replaced by the occasional unpleasant rotting flesh aroma of stinkhorn fungi that gets raked up, or just follows the wind, and grittiness of dust and leaf crumbles in the midst of our new methods.


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