Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Faux Fish in the Aquarium, and Gingers

Haven't had an update on the Aquarium Bed lately. It's been neglected, but it's cute on its own. I did sprinkle a few pink alyssum seeds in this snail back in early summer. (It's a toothbrush holder from the thrift store.) Pink alyssum will figure in many of my plans for next spring.

The shrimps are mostly gone, but you can see one in the upper left corner. Curcumas are long since fallen over, but the cardamon gingers at right look good. Shell gingers have lasted longer than usual, but the cold will finally take them down, too -- couldn't crowd them in the photo.

The Aquarium Bed is under a Live Oak. Live Oaks shed their old leaves, even though they're evergreen. I tried a sand mulch for this bed and those constantly falling leaves just kept it littered after every rain. Sigh.

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