Thursday, December 13, 2007

Green and Red, near Christmas

I hand scattered 25 pounds of rye grass seed. Not nearly enough to make a total lawn all over, but some green when the bermuda and centipede finally fall victim to the inevitable killing frost. The first frost that we had that killed back the bermuda didn't kill back far enough -- it put out green again, healthier than ever.

Fresh green always looks so pretty in the dead of winter. I put some where I can see it from the kitchen window after the front was more or less covered.

Found a dead cardinal this afternoon. I buried him. Later Cur was sniffing around the spot where I found him, and by the way, the bird was somewhat mangled when I found him. When I went to let Cur in the side door a while ago, there was a very tiny fluffy white feather with a red tip stuck to the glass at dog-nose height.


  1. Cur, the Hunter?

    My dogs hate birds in their yard. They chase them fiercely, but I don't know that they have ever caught one.

    We have St. Augustine grass, and it doesn't go dormant. It will get crunchy and show a footprint when it is real dry, but other than that, nothing much bothers it.

    BTW, I love the Hoe, Hoe, Hoe Santa by Vivian!

  2. I will get my "green" fix with yours and Janie's blogs ... :) Fortunately we have had little snow ... dry and cool is good !


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