Wednesday, December 19, 2007

History of the Drop Dead Red Bed

Actually it's less of a history as it is a sad tale. Prolonged drought didn't help, some of the plants were better suited to a shadier spot and had to move. There were minor successes and I learned a lot. I should have started earlier, too.

Early May, Silene and Red Corn Poppies did well. I had great plans for a stunning Red Bed, with tiny plants growing in the greenhouse. Some worked, some failed.

Among the near failures were dark leaved red begonias, reputed to be sunfast. They nearly croaked before they could move to the fairy garden on the north side of a live oak.

Coleus not only failed completely in the sunny Red Bed, they were not happy in the herb garden in part shade. These were grown from seed.

Red zinnias were happy companions with verbena bonairensis until drought brought them down in late summer.

Zinnias were also good companions with 'Sammy Russell' daylily, a dependable little landscape red.

Later I'll show what worked and where. Plans for 2008 include converting the Drop Dead Red Bed to a Tropical Fiesta Show and growing more reds in part shade where they're happier.

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  1. The begonias are actually sunfast, and will live for many years, coming back from freezes even. The secret to growing them in hot sun is to get them in the ground early; before April 1, at the latest.

    It is true, I swear.


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