Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hyacinths Are Planted

I planted 30 Delft Blue, a cultivar nearly as old as I, divided, on each side at the end of the front walk. The blue beds are hardly larger than a bushel basket. I planted shallow and added lots of compost, a new trial for me.

Eighteen China Pink hyacinths, a sport of the old Delft Blue, are just tucked along the front of another bed in small clumps to bloom with Bath's Pinks.

I waited until the next to last day to order, after bulbs went to half price. They were here in four days. Amaryllis were not on sale this year. I always wish for thousands, grateful for having few when I'm actually digging and planting.

I held back two pink bulbs to put in frosted glasses with an interesting shaped neck -- sort of like a modified hourglass with an open top -- called hyacinth vases. The pinched neck holds the bulb out of the water so it won't rot. The bulb will send down roots seeking water. They're tucked away in a dark little cabinet in the unheated utility room.

Mama used to put her paperwhites in the fruit closet in the corner of the back porch among quart jars of peaches and half gallons of grape juice.

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  1. I am trying to force 2 hyacinths in pretty little hyacinth jars to give as gifts. I cannot grow them in the ground here, it is just too hot.

    My paperwhites are very happy in a dark corner of the cool outside pantry. It won't freeze there, and it won't warm up either. It is a micro-climate.


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