Monday, December 10, 2007

I Carried a Butterfly on my Finger

A Gulf Frit was frantically beating his wings against the greenhouse walls, inside. They just will fly through the open door and then can't figure out where is the exit.

I grabbed a wire basket and reached around a pipe to shoo him into the upturned basket. Instead, he lit on my finger and hung on when I went to the door. I stepped out in the sunshine. They usually fly quickly away, higher and higher in their freedom. This one was too tired, I guess. I carried him on my outstretched finger through the carport to the nearest flowers, a clump of periwinkles by the ruins bed where bunch onions are growing. I gently eased my hand down beside a pink blossom and he stepped off. I could see him probing for nectar.

Later when I returned, he was gone. A yellow sulfur was nectaring on the same flowers.

Some paperwhite narcissus I had forgotten about, came up beside the bunch onions. I do know which is which!


  1. A beautiful tale, Nell. It really made me simile. I just wanted to stop by and wish you the best of the season.


  2. You DO know which is which, or DO you know which is which? The onions and the narcissus, that is...

    Break a bit of foliage. The one that smells of onion is them, I would think.


  3. Thanks, Y'all. I DO know which is which.

    I wouldn't have planted non-edible and edible bulbs together if I'd remembered the narcissus were there. They popped up before the onions and I thought, 'uh oh' and noticed some little stones still around the narcissus from the bowl they'd been in. The foliage is different; the bulbs will really be different, once the onions are big enough to eat. Nothing eats narcissus, I've read; sickenly bitter.

    If I leave a few onions unpulled, I'll have white 'allium flowers' in the bed in late spring when they go to seed. Happened last year in the red bed, where some that were overlooked are coming back.


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