Saturday, December 22, 2007

Notes about Early Spring Bulb Plantings

1) The earliest daffodils bloomed pretty much ahead of everything last Spring except a few violas. Blooming with later hyacinths and daffodils were Iceland poppies and Lavender Lantana in open ground. The beds have more plants this year and more seeds were scattered; we'll see.

2) Best foliage was Sweet William, Rose Campion, Bath's Pinks. California poppies and Calendulas. Mulch was a good idea, too. Plants of larkspur, silene and Black Eyed Susans were still tiny when the bulbs began to bloom. Daylily leaves were still reticent, too.

By mid-April only bulb foliage was left and violas and Iceland poppies were fading fast. California poppies, Bath's Pink, Sweet William and dwarf snapdragons were in bloom.

Some notions that I have are to put California poppies under and around the grape arbor on the end where Peace rose bloomed by mid-April and Red Corn poppies around the red rose on the other end, possibly with some Sweet William. I read about poppies in a California Winery garden featured in a Chelsea garden show. They also used other small wildflowers like five spot. I'll start with poppies.

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  1. Just stopping by to let you know I submitted your blog to MBT's blog on gardeners ... you are featured there today :)


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