Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Raking Leaves is Still a Lot of Work

Wordless Wednesday:

We're mechanized, but they don't fling themselves into the shredder without help. Sweeping is easier with equipment.


  1. Hi Jean!

    I came here at random, thought I'd leave my greetings as I floated on through...

    Re that leaf-raking, are you talking about LAST Wednesday, in December?

    If so then BOY do you have good weather where you are!!!


    OK all the best to you!


    "Vol 2"...

  2. We have been raking the pecan leaves here too. There are way too many of them. The sad part is that I am not allowed to have a compost pile.

  3. Well, actually it was today, the 12th of December and it was 80 degrees. It will get colder soon, but winter is a day at a time here.

    The pecan leaves have mostly fallen. The oaks hand on to some of theirs until near spring. As we were sweeping these, more were falling, one big leaf at a time. Mixed in are some redbud leaves and pine straw.

    There's ryegrass seed to throw out when this chore is done. I love green grass in mid-winter.


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