Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sharing Seeds

For years, we've tried to get larkspur to grow in Nurse Sue's garden because her Mama always grew larkspur. New seeds from the dollar store failed last; mine grew, so I told her I'd bring her some. Naturally, her office mate, Nurse Barbara, who introduced me to the Iron Lady, wants some too.

Little packets of seeds are filled and await delivery to Home Health when I next go to town: Larkspur (blue), Silene (bright pink), Sweet William (mixed dianthus), and two kinds of poppies. Red corn poppies and orange California poppies make a grand show in May and June following the Sweet William in late April. Oh, I almost forgot Rose Campion, another easy, bright magenta beauty with grey foliage that lasts all year.

I love to have a reason to play in the seeds, measuring out spoonfuls into little manila envelopes and dreaming of how they'll look in the spring.

The Iron Lady? Her name is Wanda. She used bring all kinds of garden treasures from trips to Mexico: wrought iron gates and garden seats, pottery urns and other rustic garden objects. They haven't seen her in months now, I hope she's okay.


  1. Seeds are my favorites too! Well, seeds and cuttings....

    I have larkspurs up. No sign of poppies yet, but I do have calendula and sweet peas up.

    Seeds are just majic!

  2. What is the beautiful plant in the top pic ? Love all your pics.

  3. Top left is a blue hydrangea with rose campion. Top right is red corn poppy. Bottom left is Olive Bailey Langdon daylily blooming with larkspur. All are springtime flowers. The freeze night before last turned most of the white camellia petals here to brown mush. Buds are left to open when it warms.

    I have larkspurs up in one front yard bed. Calendulas and sweet peas are up here, too.

    Scattering seeds is ongoing.
    I didn't write down what is where in every case, so spring will be full of surprises again.


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