Friday, December 14, 2007

Stocking Stuffers at the Dollar Store

My favorite diversion is to shop in a dollar store, especially the ones where everything is just $1.00.

Dollar Stores have all kinds of baskets and containers. My fav are the plastic coated wire mesh flat baskets and trash cans. Wire trash cans with plastic coating can be upended over transplants for part shade until the transplants are acclimated.

  • black permanent marker
  • narrow plastic trays to hold manila coin envelopes full of saved seeds
  • garden gloves -- the cheap ones are just to supplement the more expensive pairs that a gardener needs
  • cute little wind chimes
  • ball of twine
  • vases in glass and ceramic in classic shapes
  • flower pots (make sure they have a drainage hole unless you're using for cachepots)
  • plastic shoe boxes to make propagation chambers
  • shears -- the ones intended as kitchen shears are handy in the garden.
  • bubble envelopes for mailing seeds
  • clear plastic sealing tape
  • bungee cords

    Depending on the dollar store you visit, they may have many items specific for the garden and sometimes seeds and/or bulbs. I've had success with ordinary seeds like marigolds, alyssum, radishes, lettuce, larkspur and the like. Bulbs vary, lately they've been smaller and fewer, but I've had good luck in the past with daffodils, gladioli and freesias. I've found bone meal in the dollar store, and some wonderful garden stakes.

    Skip the cheap garden tools, like trowels, they bend at first use.
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