Friday, January 4, 2008

Healing Gardens

This month's Fine Gardening magazine has articles on healing gardens and on herb gardens. My personal view is that the whole garden in healing, in one way or another, as is the herb garden.

The particular feature on herbs showed a huge herb garden divided by country of origin of the plants. My little herb garden must be a 'cosmopolitan garden' because it features a hodge-podge of everything. The little calendula plants are sturdy underneath their light blanket of pine straw. What a fortuitious location I chose! They're much too thick in the spot where I spilled the seeds. Of all the garden chores, I find thinning the hardest. Not that it's work to do, but it's almost too much to bear to pull up a brave little plant from among his brothers.


  1. I need something to heal my thumb. I caught it somehow, and ripped it down the side, by the cuticle. Hurts like the dickens!

  2. Ouch! Nothing like a torn cuticle to keep on being sore.

    If calendulas were blooming, we could make a little healing salve. I usually just dab on antibiotic salve on a bad rip, Carmex lip balm on a lesser one, or something like Bag Balm.

    Clean and dry for wounds. Plain soap and water and air dry. Protect from dirt.

  3. Seedlings rarely take in my northern garden. So it's difficult for me to split and divide big lovely plants. I'm always so fearful they won't survive the treatment.

    Janie, I hope you heal quickly. Jean's advice is good.


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