Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Predictions for the Coming Months

There's an old saying that the first twelve days of January are indicative of the whole year's weather. If that be true, January, February and March will be cold, cold and we won't see much rain in the first six months of the year, if this week's predictions are correct.

NOAA predicts a low tonight of 23 degrees, 19 degrees on Wednesday night and 23 on Thursday night. What happened to Global warming? We don't usually have three freezing nights in a row. The wind is already picking up.

Last of 2007 flowers, photographed yesterday. The pink Gerbera daisy is a division of one that DH's sister who died in 1973 planted here some time before that. The white Gerbera is a seedling, self planted.


  1. I, for one, do not like cold weather at all. We are supposed to have cold tonight, maybe tomorrow night, but not so cold as you.

    I have noticed my gerberas are back, but not blooming. I envy yours.

  2. Gorgeous. I love the daisies.

    And as for global warming - bring it on!

  3. We are having a blizzard, the first snow this winter ... by Monday it will be near 60 degrees ... I am happy with that :)

    Happy New Year !!

  4. You still have blooms on the first day of the new year. How wonderful that must be. I haven't seen a flower in many months now. It's 1 F.right now (10:23 PM). I can't imagine what it will be down to eight hours from now. -10? -20? Brrrrrr!


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