Sunday, January 13, 2008

Snakes Alive!

Only a couple days after the weather warmed again after sub-freezing temperatures, I saw a small rat snake on the end of the carport. He was pale and skinny, I guess cold weather does that?

My relationship with rat snakes started about five years ago after I bought a snake ID book and began to decide which would send me running and screaming and which might be friends in the garden. There was this huge rat snake who lived in a hollow tree near the end of the driveway. It met an untimely demise. I found it -- actually I smelled it -- dead under some boxwoods. I was mourning the death of my snake, walked by the hollow tree and out popped three little heads, two of whom are pictured here. The skinny little snake of a few days ago must be a second or third generation of that family.

Note: I am careful about snakes. The Florida Snake Expert said on the radio that while not all snakes are poisonous, all snakes are dangerous. You can be allergic to the saliva of a non-poisonous snake, just as you can be allergic to bee stings.

Florida Snake ID site


  1. Cool pics ! In what way are they beneficial to the garden ? Yes, I know, just a dumb city girl :)

  2. Jean,

    Interesting pics - these look sort of like the snake that likes to visit my back yard.

    Whenever you have time,go over to my blog and look under the label "snakes". There are pics of the snake. Does this look like a rat snake to you?


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