Monday, January 7, 2008

Survival of the Fittest

It's seventy degrees this afternoon. Daddy Mack always said when it's seventy degrees you can go without a coat. That was when Daddy Mack was nearly eighty and most folks were going without a coat at much lower temperatures. Seventy is balmy.

I made a short survey of some flower beds. There needs to be a way to cross those nasty weeds that survive the worst freezes with lovely flowers. There's a weed that I used to mistake for Nigella until it got to be an enormous nutrient and water sucking weed. I grubbed out as many as I saw. Bulbine was killed back, it will return. Poppies are springing up in lots of places. Four that I watched in a particular spot survived the freeze, in open ground, tiny plants. More larkspur is up.

Alyssum hid under leaves over where I planted pink hyacinth bulbs. They're sprouting under there. Last year's snapdragons have ratty stems and much new growth underneath, best left alone right now. The snaps cuttings I took are slow to root. Lots to do while the sun shines. Another winter spell will return soon.

Need to go out and do something about some fire ant mounds.


  1. LOL! I agree on crossing pretty flowers with no-die-back weeds. We'd probably end up with thugs though. We are having unseasonably warm temps too for our region. It will make it twice as hard when the cold weather returns. I'd rather we have cold and snow and get it over with already!

  2. I can donate the weed parents.

    You want to do the polinatin' Jean?



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