Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tallahasee Report

The day is dreary, dreary. It looks like snow, heavy clouds hanging low, except that it doesn't snow in 52 degree weather. We were in rain, parts of the trip.

Nothing spectacular blooming along the way except that I saw ONE small 'Dr. Merrill' magnolia stellata in full bloom -- my 'Leonard Messell has one open blossom so far -- and a surprise at the captitol. The Florida State Capitol building has red and white striped awnings and the plantings usually compliment the awnings. The red petunias have sulled and only white blossoms are showing. Across the street, the surprise is newly planted calendulas in full bloom! There's a large area on the corner that is protected and it is always a beauty spot.

My own calendulas are a ways from blooming, but they're healthy. Most of the other plantings I saw were violas surrounding snapdragons. The ones in front of Harbor Freight were a hodgepodge of violas and pansies that didn't match. The snaps needed deadheading, which I did not do for them but wanted to. In front of Applebee's was a right nice display of snaps and pansies, but I don't remember how they looked because DH asked the name of the restaurant and my mind wandered to the sign, away from the flowers. I am so easily distracted.

Sam's had huge displays of more perennials in boxes, summer bulbs and bareroot roses. I was able to contain my enthusiasm. They also had fresh pots of huge orchids. A better bargain would have been the fake orchids and other silks, lots of those, too. I guess they're out for Valentines Day.

Summary: It's too early for spectacular flowers. Another freeze expected tonight. The rain will move out ahead of the freeze.

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  1. I am putting in herbs this week in a covered bed. I have to wait a while to put in my flowers. I am looking for strawberry plants but no one around here gets them until it is too late. I have 2000 day lilies in pots though ready for spring. Our tulip tree is about to open its buds and we have another freeze on the way :(

    Great blog



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