Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Truth in Advertising

The bare-root roses I bought last week went into the ground today. It's been warm for a couple days. When I unwrapped the yellow 'Eclipse' one had a piece of green tagging material inside the paper wrapper and one had a piece of white tagging with 'Red Masterpiece' on it. The new foliage on both are virtually identical, so I wonder if I have two 'Eclipse' or two 'Red Masterpiece' or two of something entirely different, since the label that said 'Eclipse' was a piece of tape over a printed 'Yellow Rose.'

I won't even rant about 'Chicago Peace.' They're all in the ground, anyhow and heavily shrouded in pine straw mulch.


  1. I tried an all white garden or moon garden...whatever...several years ago. I needed several white climbers to grow on the pergola that covered the patio. K-Mart had them for $1.99 so I bought all I needed. The first time they bloomed they were very big and YELLOW and bush not vines. Then the root stock took over and they of course were RED but they did climb. It was enough to make me give up the thought of an all white garden.

    I hope your roses are at least of a variety and color to your liking.

  2. An all white garden sounds so romantic, but one writer compared it to a wedding cake. At my place, the white gardens are usually a 'Weeding Cake.' I tend to throw in other colors on whims, so everything turns out to be a fiesta of sorts.

    It isn't going to matter about the color of my roses. In the best of worlds, they'll be yellow (Eclipse) and yellow-with-red (Chicago Peace). The grower is infamous for mislabeling, so they may be yellow and yellow with pink blush (Peace) which will be all right or they may be anything, which will be okay so long as they live and bloom and are not red rootstocks, which is what happened to climbing Queen Elizabeth.

    I just got carried away when I saw roses.

  3. Yes... I LOVE roses. In Florida they grow all year round. Now that I live in TN, I'm not sure what to plant. At some point, I hope to create a trellised sitting area and get some vigorous climbers going all over it.

    They are the queen of flowers, most certainly. Good luck with yours!

  4. That reminds me of the time I bought 'Don Juan' climbers. I needed two, and I wanted RED climbers. One was labeled RED, and was blooming RED. The only other 'Don Juan' they had was labeled PINK, but was blooming RED. Hooray! and error in my favor! I bought them both.

    When the red bloom was spent from the rose labeled PINK, it just sat there for awhile, as though contemplating. Then it bloomed! Wonderfully, gloriously......PINK!

    Made me so mad, I just wanted to rip that rose out by it's roots! Nothing you can do tho. I hope your roses make you happy.

  5. Janie, it is unbelievable that it reverted to the correct color of pink rather than the other way around which is what usually happens. Gee...I'd be upset too but of course I'd learn to live with it :)

    fqydnhwh....is that a long enough word verification???? Sheesh! It's more like a typing test or something.


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