Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What Was I Thinking? Roses!

I promised myself that as soon as I saw roses this year, I would treat myself to as many roses as I thought I could plant.

We went to Tallahassee, FL today. Sams Club roses. Not a huge selection. I finally chose Eclipse because it was a yellow bush, couldn't remember any particulars I'd read. Then I put Chicago Peace in the buggy because I KNEW it was a sport of Peace and just maybe I would like it, too. These roses already have lush foliage from being in the store who knows how long, so they'll be in the house until tomorrow and in the greenhouse waiting for warmer days. It was hardly above freezing today, 36 degrees at 4pm.

Oh, and they came two to the box, so there are 4 to plant. I passed up Climbing and bush Queen Elizabeth. She's too easy to root to buy more. There was a white bush rose, I forget the name, may have been Pascali. There was Cl. Golden Showers. I don't have a trellis that really wants a climbing yellow rose, not today, anyway.

The beautiful red and white petunias in front of the capitol building were wrapped up in heavy mulch with only a rare blossom sticking out. One of the buildings across the street had yellow pansies, and bronzy pansies in more sheltered beds. Miss Billie always said to plant yellow violas. I can see why. If we hadn't passed really close to the bronzy pansies, they'd have looked as if the yellow ones had a blight, from a distance. A more sheltered narrow bed under an overhang had ornamental kale, huges ones.

One more thing, Sams also had boxed summer bulbs. It was hard to pass up a box with 40 bulbs, amaryllis and acidanthera. It didn't say how many of each. I figured 1 and 39 would not be a bargain. There was also a box of 'butterfly' glads, the little bright colored ones that look sort of like acidanthera, I forget the name. They sure put them out early, even for north Florida. Most of the boxes were caladiums. I learned the hard way that starting caladiums inside didn't put them far ahead of waiting to plant in the ground.7/2/2007


  1. I bet those roses will be beautiful come summer ... btw I sent you an email thru your gmail on those muffins, hope you got it ?

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! This past summer the deer ate all my flowers and my garden (and my neighbors'). Now I can come visit you for beautiful things!

  3. I have found that starting caladiums early doesn't pay off, too. They don't want to do anything until it gets warm.

    I avoided those bulbs at
    Sam's too. They had beautiful gladiolus bulbs, and elephant ears, and caladiums. But it was cold outside, I decided to let them take care of them for awhile still.


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