Sunday, February 17, 2008

Daffodils are my Favorites

It makes waiting for Spring worthwhile to anticipate daffodils en masse. They come up at different rates, they bloom at different times. So far some ancient narcissus have bloomed and faded. Erlicheer is in full bloom. I've seen handfuls of King Alfreds here and there along with a single bloom of Ice Follies, one Fortune, a whole row of Sweetness in a line is almost open. I moved some orphan muscari from a path today to join this Sweetness line. Some of the others are just now starting to peep out of the ground, like Jack Snipe and Thalia, which bloom late together. Pink Charm is another late daffodil that is just starting to come up.

Every spring is spent noting who bloomed when, moving bulbs in the green that did not fare well and making plans which usually evaporate by fall. Last fall I just planted 200 mixed daffodils at the ends of existing beds that had no daffodils, or old daffodils that made a poor show. Two hundred sounds like a lot; only when you're planting. When they bloom, I'll wish there had been 2,000.


  1. Planting bulbs is one of my least favorite garden chores but you're right, when they come up in the spring there just never seems to be enough of them. Lovely picture!

  2. Love seeing all your blooms, it is 16 degrees with blowing snow here :)


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