Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dandelions in the Butterfly Garden, Coneflowers and Lilies

They're everywhere! Not the pretty yellow daisy-like flowers, nor the 'blow-balls' that children enjoy. The yard is full of dandelion greens. They have to be pried out with a transplant spade or other long bladed tool, or the roots break off and a two headed plant grows in its place. The roots look like parsnips, they're so big, in places. There's never time and energy to get them all, but I try to get the worst ones, especially ones that crowd daffodils. One more weed for combat.

While I was digging dandelions, I found a small parsley plant in the lawn which I dug and put over in a butterfly garden bed. Julie Neel says to scatter the parsley plants throughout the garden. If all the parsley is in one place, birds discover it and use it as a snack bar.

New echinacea plants are coming up where I took seed heads and smushed into the ground late last summer when they ripened. I like Purple Coneflower. It blends well with other pink/purple flowers and will fit in a bed where bright yellow is prominent because of the gold center cones.

Patchy frost after 1 am forecast for tonight. I noticed little lilies showing up in the beds. I toss mulch over them when I find them, hoping to keep them from appearing too soon and having the bloom buds killed.


  1. I love the header picture of the hyacinths!

    We also have a WHOLE LOTTA weeds!

    Can you eat dandilion greens? Seems like I heard Daddy talk about something like that.

  2. You can eat dandelions, yes. I put some in a salad once, they're not overly tasty. Spinach is better.

    We have 2 kinds: one with a little sawtooth edge that doesn't get very big and some huge ones with smooth leaves. All have yellow flowers and the puffy seeds.

    Hyacinths are hard to arrange in an informal garden. They want to line up and march like soldiers. When they've been there a few years, they get floppier and more graceful.

    I've been out making photos. We need more evergreens. I'm tired of sticks.


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