Sunday, February 24, 2008

An Embarrassment of Blossoms

In a word, Gaudy! Bright neon pink. Rain knocked a whole carpet of blooms to the ground and more are already opening. This Camellia is about 45 years old. The one to the left is light pink and almost as big, blooms just a little later and is prettier. The one at the far left is red and the latest of all.


  1. Oh I do sympathize with you over the gaudy camellia. I have one that is just solid green and red--so Christmas-cardy and unsubtle. Also, it is right in the middle of the front yard in full view of the dining room window.

    Yours has the vast advantage that it's a nice shape. Mine is horrid. It is still growing rapidly, so it has vertical spikes out the top!

  2. that is gorgeous, I wish we could grow camellia's where I live...right now we still have a couple of feet of snow and not a bloom of anything in sight!! sigh....
    it would be nice to see something brightly colored in the yard...
    Anita....from the north!

  3. Twenty-five degrees is predicted for Wednesday night. Every open blossom will turn brown and fall off. Tight buds will open when the weather warms again. That's why there are so many buds.

    -- and they don't have a fragrance. Even I have the impulse to sniff one now and then, they look as if they'd smell so good.


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