Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fairy Houses

It's that time of year. Lots of litter on the ground: lichens, mossy rocks and pieces of bark; sticks, dry grasses, found objects like rusty washers and pieces of glass.

All these and more go into the construction of a fairy house. For how-to go here: How to Build Fairy Houses

With a leaf for a flag, I stuck up a piece of dead oak limb with marvelous shelf fungus on the bottom end. Beside it is a burl piece of petrified pine. All year I collect bits of bark, fallen limbs with fungus growths and mossy stones, putting them in and around my fairy garden. About once a year, I construct an ephermeral fairy house, the bits of which fall down eventually and become detritus of the fairy garden.

Lichens, Shelf Fungus and Moss Up Close
Click on the Fairy Label to see more of my Fairy Garden.

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  1. That's darling, Jean. I love the porch overhang above the door ;)


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