Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hermodactylus tuberosa, other Bulbs in Bloom Today

I was out moving mulch around ahead of the pending storm when I noticed a Snake's Head Iris blossom. They're certainly unusual, hardly bloomed last year when I planted them but look good this year.

The first Hyacinths to bloom are a pretty lavender pink, from mixed collections, so I don't know the cultivar. This one is near the Elicheer double daffodils. It has bluer companions which have not even broken ground yet.
This one has been planted here long enough to start dividing, so there are two bloom stalks.
These old daffodils have been here for at least 35 years, planted by Lane's sister. They're reliable early bloomers, despite the poor photograph.


  1. Jean, thanks so much for your comment today. I have started several times to throw my arrangement out. Now I'm glad I didn't. There are lots of sweet gum around here.
    Ya'll are always a little ahead of us down there. I can see the daffodils just starting to break thru the ground here.
    Hope you didn't have any bad weather in your area.

  2. You mean you have all that growing already? I am so jealous

  3. Ahhh .. a touch of spring, while we still have snow ... LOL !

    Thanks for the blooms :)

  4. I am jealous of the hyacinths you can grow. I tried, but I think they can't get enough chill hours to grow nicely here. Mine bloomed before they got out of the ground. I was soooooo disappointed.

    We have daffodils blooming, and geraniums. Also roses!

    I have been so busy with that native plant garden/rain garden, and all the Master Gardener stuff, I have not had time to be in my garden. That is going to stop, TODAY!

    Whoopee! Today I get to work in my flowerbeds!

  5. My, how quickly winter comes and goes in your area! Still winter here, already 0 F. tonight and not even bedtime yet. Sigh. Thanks for the pretty pictures, they at least give me hope that there WILL be a spring, someday.


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