Friday, February 22, 2008

'Nacogdoches' Rose

One the roses that came to me through the mail, known from the source as 'The Chicken Rose' is about to be re-introduced as 'Grandma's Yellow Rose' -- I like the old names better.

It's looking good in the greenhouse. I've already dug a hole at its destination, just waiting to make sure the weather is fit before I re-dig and plant. Its companions will be mostly more yellow roses, daffodils for the off season, yellow daylilies and something blue or purple; spiderwort on the west end surrounding a piece of yellow variegated euonymous that spent the winter rooted, in a pot.

The non-plant feature will be what I always think of as 'the chicken rock' which to me looks like the head of a baby chick. From the other direction, it looks like the head of a native American in full war bonnet. Maybe you have to squint.

You can see the rose here at TAMU: Nacogdoches Rose and Monarch Butterfly


  1. Love your rock! I can see the native american but can't see the young chick...LOL

    I love yellow roses. I have about killed the only one I have. Maybe I will get a new one this year.

  2. I went back to check something on your blog and my comment disappeared. Perhaps it was when I tried to scroll down to the fairy houses. When I was a little girl I was absolutely THRILLED to see a fairy standing in the underbrush against the house., He was wearing a large sunhat. A few days later I looked for him again, and realized his "hat" was some sort of utilities doo-dad. I was crushed!

  3. Rose, I probably didn't get the angle at which the chick is most 'seeable' but I can make it out. Just his great big eye and his little beak with that little indentation on it.

    Forsythia, Don't you hate when that happens? I wonder where our comments go?

  4. I have experience with that yellow rose. It is the toughest, most BEEutiful yellow rose I have ever seen. I know where there is one that lives in the middle of a parking lot, with asphault all around it, never gets watered, except by God, never gets pruned or fed. It blooms it's self crazy, almost all year. It is the next Texas Super Star rose.

    I think you are gonna love this rose.

  5. My Chicken Rose came in the mail all the way from Janie's house in Texas. Once out of the box, it gave a little shake and began to grow. A little piece was broken off; I gave it a little pot of its own and there's new growth on the tiny piece.

    The thing you all need to know is that it isn't a running rose like the old 'seven sisters' that is such a thug, it's a fairly upright rose with nice foliage. I can hardly wait for blossoms -- and to put it in the ground.

  6. It definately looks like a Native American head. How neat!

  7. For a moment I thought that maybe your yellow rose would be the same as the wild yellow I got last summer. No, it's different. I know of only three of these rose bushes in all the country around here. One in Colome, SD and two in Springview, NE. And now I have one. The owner of the one in SD said she dug hers from an abandoned farmstead. It's apparently a very old rose and I have never seen another like it. I've searched far and wide on the WWW. At least I know this one will be hardy.


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