Saturday, February 2, 2008


Iceland Poppy Seedlings
Larkspur seedlings at left, Breadseed poppies at right, Corn Poppies Upper right. Round leaves are Black Eyed Susans.
Viola Seedlings
Larger seedlings at left and upper right are Corn Poppies. Wispy seedlings near the bottom are California Poppies.

Violas lower left, Poppies right.
I talked with Susie today. Susie maintains a large Butterfly Garden at a University Lab work site. She must keep a neat garden because visitors view the gardens. She laughed about the wonderful combos that Mrs. Julie Neel and I see in our butterfly gardens because we don't have to keep 'too neat' for volunteers. Mrs. Neel is a butterfly garden expert; I just dabble.


  1. I knew I could count on you and Janie's blog to brighten my day, wonderful to see new growth.

    We are covered in ice this morning ... :)

  2. Isn't growing things wonderful? My Dad loves to plant and watch them come up!

  3. Thanks you for identifying my mystery plant. I found a couple pictures on the net that look just like it.

  4. I love your baby plants! I know if you have seedlings I do too, somewhere! I get to play in my gardens tomorrow!


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